I’ve been a sort of busy little builder. I’ve got 4 build in the works (3 that have sprung up in the course of working on the one I’m showing today).

This one is nearly complete. It is The XXX. Modeled after a skanky little adult video store I visited in my home town years ago. Imagine my shock when I walked through the door that led to the peep show booths o.o (mental note: don’t forget the stack of napkins).

Some details left to do, like stairs to the upper floor, which I always imagined was a seedy lil apartment.

It’s mostly finished. I’ve been agonizing over the textures. I have never done anything really close to urban and everything I had seemed too bright and cheerful. Much texture shopping was done (yay!).

Also in the works: a bar, waffle house and a Japanese…flavored? hotel (also throwing around ideas for a candy store).