This is The Prim.

The Prim is why I have met you.  The Prim is why I have laughed with you and cried with you. The Prim is why I have loved you and hated you.

If it weren’t for The Prim life, real and virtual, would be a little lot less shiny.

The Prim is why many people look at our virtual worlds from the outside and ‘get it’ and step in. They want to seize The Prim and bend it to their unique will;  something they could not do in the other environments, real and virtual.

The catalyst of the dreamer to make, The Prim is practically perfect in every way.

The Prim gives every resident the potential of a god to shape his or her world.

You, too, can become a god. Not The God, but for virtual purposes, close enough.